- indicates where directional signs are needed.

- indicates where temporary signs have been placed.
Signage Project:
Southeast Kansas & Southwest MO.
Estimated 24 signs needed.
State Sign Rankings
One of the first projects in the eight Route 66 states will focus
on Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas.

Jasper County, Missouri is the last county in Missouri for west-
bound travelers, and the first for eastbound travelers.  Total
directional signage is lacking in the communities of Joplin, Webb
City and Carthage.  Only the small town of Carterville has
directional signs and pole banners that mark the Route from the
time you enter it's city limits.

Efforts to have directional signage installed have been underway for over a year, with some positive action on the part of these other cities. Joplin has recently installed more signs marking turns on the historic Route, and Carthage is "planning" for the placement of one or more directional signs, hopefully at the locations of the critical turns indicated below where many travelers are getting lost today.  Webb City has recently announced plans for Route 66 signage and promotion in 2008.

Efforts will continue, and updates will be posted on this page as circumstances change.
Update: 8-28-07 Carthage, MO.

According to a spokesman with the Carthage Public Works Dept., the matter of signage is in the hands of the CVB director. The city has chosen to wait for state signage and is not interested in posting directional signage from others at this time, even if those signs are temporary.  When asked if the pending state signage would indicate turns, and when the signs would be installed, he stated he did not know.

Update: 8-30-07 Carthage, MO.

Four donated directional signs have been ordered to mark the Route 66 turns in Carthage at Central and Garrison and Garrison and Oak, for east and westbound visitors.  These signs will be placed as close to the turns as possible on private property with the property owner's permission, and will be removed when, and if, better signage is provided.

Update: 9-01-07 Carthage, MO.

Today, sign locations were scouted and photographed.  The owners of the property (where the signs would be most visible) will be contact this coming week for permission to install the temporary directional signage.

Several Route 66 business owners were also asked about signage, and they are in complete agreement that these signs are needed, and were surprised to learn that their community leaders would not support our temporary signage initative.  Hopefully, they will reconsider and allow the signs to be placed along the right-of-way.

Update 9-14-07: Carthage, MO.
Two signs were put up to mark the intersection of Garrison and Central Ave..
Photos are on the Sponsor page.

The photos below show the turns that are not signed in Carthage, and indicates how a sign on private property could prevent travelers from becoming lost.

< Westbound Route 66 travelers entering Carthage need to see a sign indicating a left turn onto Garrison.
A temporary sign was placed on the pole marked with a      .
(See sponsor page for photo)

< At the corner of Garrison and Oak, a sign is needed to indicate a right turn.  The blue and white sign on the pole indicates the direction where the Powers Museum is located.  Why is there no Route 66 directional sign here as well?

< Eastbound  Route travelers need a sign that indicates a left turn onto Garrison from Oak Street.

< A Route 66 directional sign mounted here could help inform travelers of a right turn onto Central Ave. from Garrison.
A temporary sign has been placed on the United Muffler sign post.  See Sponsor Page for photo.
To see how the signage situation is changing in Joplin, MO.,
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